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My name is Marcos and I’m from Brazil. I have a degree in Physical Education (Sport Sciences) and I intend to apply for a Master’s Degree. My plan is to use machine learning using GPS data to analyze collective tactical behavior in football / soccer. I’m going to start learning here at freeCodeCamp and ask if I should start from the beginning (HTML) or should I start on another topic?
I don’t know coding, but it’s not entirely obscure to me.


Hi @MarcosSouza !

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Starting from the beginning would be good.

The first programming language in the curriculum would be javascript then python.
It might be hard to dive straight into the FCC python sections with no coding experience.
Starting with the javascript section would be best.

If you want to learn html and css, that’ cool too. Those are markup languages, not programming languages.

But the responsive design section probably won’t take super long to get through. :grinning:

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Hi Jessica!

Thanks for your answer!

This seems like the right way to go.

And I didn’t know that html and css are not programming languages. :rofl:
Thanks for the tip.

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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What jwilkins said - go step by step. Especially when you have no prior experience with computers.

Remember not to focus too hard on things that are not necessary for your goal.
You will be wasting your precious time.
Learn just enough to go on and focus on important things. There are so many languages/branches in CS that one can get lost easily.

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There are many things. Learning all of this is not feasible. It is very important (more than usual) to stay focused, indeed.

Thank you! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: