Second Project Completed - Digiser Survey Form

Hello again! I just finished my second project, the survey form. I am learning a lot and I hope you can provide me with your feedback, thanks again!

Survey form

Good work bro.I think you can change its background so that it will more clean.

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Its nice and responsive but I find it quite hard to focus on the form, one thing you can do is wrap everything with a div and give it a color and opacity so that it dims the picture like what I’ve done here.
What do you think? :slight_smile:

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Looks good, the background is a bit overpowering. Perhaps add a background color to the survey and give it an opacity value of like 0.5, that way it’s kind of see through, but focuses more on the questions.

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Apart from background that others have mentioned, I think you can beautify the input part. The font-size is a bit small, boxes are not the same size, border color doesn’t match with the whole style.

Have a nice day!

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Thanks, I did the project fast and just trying to pass all the tests, but I will be improving it to practice more.

Thank you, you’re right, I applied the opacity and color properties to the main class, it looks better now. :grinning:

Thanks, I just picked a pair of fonts without thinking much about it, I will check that and the boxes and border, have a nice day too!