Survey Form Proj

hello guys,
I hope you all fine, I finally finished my survey form project …
and I really would like to get some feedback and advices to make my projects better in the future.
I hope you like it :

You don’t need id attribute if it isn’t being used.
Background image is blocking some text.
Font size could be larger.

It looks well done. But these are the things you need to look out for next time.

  • Your <input>, <select> styling need to match each other.
  • Font size should be more visible.
  • The background image should not take the attention of the user.
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thank u so much for ur caring ,
for the id I know but I have to put them since they are requirement to pass the project…
and I will change the font size and play with opacity to make the texts clear… thank u again :blush:

Love how you used the opacity effect.

thank u so much for ur replay, I really appreciate it
and I will make ur advises in my mind next time especially about the background
thank u so much again :blush:

thank u so much :blush: