Setting up freeCodeCamp locally

Hi campers,

I have tried to set up FCC locally but the huge set up froze my modest computer. Has anyone experienced this before? I wasted over 10 minutes installing the set up and more 20 minutes uninstalling because i couldn’t use my PC. Is there any workaround this? Perhaps a lighter version of the files to work on locally instead of the entire FCC.

what are the specs on your pc

use gitpod, I can use on my cheap computer without issues

I did try gitpod but haven’t explored the platform fully. According to the set-up instructions, one needs to have a local setup to be able to do tests. I have noticed some sections of interview prep sections have tests which are failing/passing erroneously. It appears i will have to just open new issues and leave it at that. I can’t download the entire setup on my PC.

gitpod is a kind of local setup, it’s just not set up in your computer, but it’s a virtual environment

works the same as a local environment, including testing

I am using intel core i3 2.53 GHz, 4.00 GB RAM. Pretty low-end for software development. I think the problem is compounded by the many react projects i have. The node modules are quite heavy too. I have to get rid of them as well.

those are the same specs i have on my laptop. i dont think you need a beefy system for software dev unless youre going gpu intensive things like video rendering or machine learning.

if you can afford it you should get yourself an ssd. it will make your system load programs waaaay faster. it will change your life