Shell for Windows

I’m using Windows 10. Which is the best shell solution for Windows? I don’t mind trying more than one. There is the new Ubuntu Shell for Windows, though it is still in Beta. Thanks in advance!

In the Windows world, you want to learn PowerShell.
Try Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell.

I have been using Cmder and it is great. Has a lot of customizations. Do check it out at

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Cmder is excellent and highly, highly recommended. It’s actually not technical a shell - but a console emulator - which works with the shells PowerShell, bash (via MinGW or other port) or the (horrible) windows legacy shell among others.

As to which of these shells to use, likely a mix. It depends on what you are doing. I’m guessing PowerShell is the best performing but if you want consistent workflows across Linux and Windows I’d recommend bash.

Totally agree. Cmder with git bash is absolutely awesome! I believe the “full” download of Cmder includes git bash.

If you do a lot of Windows administration like working for a company, you will not have the luxury of having Cmder installed. PowerShell is installed by default.

So the simple part is done - I can run Cmder. Now I need to learn how to use cmder. For example, should I choose a specific shell, or do I simply use commands, and cmder automatically uses the shell for me? Does anyone know a command line guide for cmder?

I would suggest setting the default to bash (Settings > Startup > Tasks: select {bash::bash} and check “Default task for new console”).

A search on google for “git bash commands” should bring up enough information to get you started.

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