Should I do CS50x before learning JS?

I am working professional in different industry. Actually I have started learning web development 2 years back but due to some distractions and personal reasons I was unable to complete my journey that time but I am back again freecodecamp. (Trying to learn at least 1 hour daily)
I have few questions that are distracting me from learning web development.

  1. Should I learn CS50x before jumping in to web development
  2. Do I need DSA to land in to Web Development (Highest Fear to me)
  3. Should I learn Web Development first and then move on to CS50x.
    Thanks in advance.

HI @kedar.webdev !

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I think either order is up to you.

CS50 teaches the fundamentals of computer science. So if you want to learn the basics of web dev then do cs50 that is fine.

Or if you want to start with cs50 and then start learning the basics of web dev that is fine.

There are still a lot of companies that will ask DSA type questions during the interview.
So yeah, I would suggest learning it.

As long as you give yourself time to learn it and time to practice, then you will be fine.
If you try to cram everything last minute then it probably won’t work on in the technical interviews.

Same as before.
It doesn’t matter the order.

You are going to learn all of it anyway.

Just take it day by day and you will be fine :+1:

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Thanks for the reply.

But is it absolutely necessary to learn dsa for web development because lots of courses that I have seen do have dsa but they use java, c++ etc. Any good resource to learn dsa using JS.

Learning JavaScript or web development does not require completion of CS50x. The CS50x course is an excellent introduction to computer science, but it is not a prerequisite for web development.

It is not necessary to have a deep understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) to start web development, but some basic knowledge can be helpful. If DSA is a concern for you, you can learn it gradually as you progress in web development.

It’s perfectly fine to start with web development and then explore CS50x later if you’re interested in broadening your computer science knowledge. Ultimately, the path you choose should align with your goals and interests. Consistency and daily practice, as you’re doing, are key to making progress in web development. Good luck!


Thanks for the reply.
My fear comes from how can I compete with the fresh graduates.

CS grads will have more practice with studying DSA but these are things that you can learn.

For entry level job interviews, they will probably ask you basic data structures like stacks, queues, linked lists, hash tables, etc.

But luckily there are tons of beginner friendly resources to help you understand this stuff.
A lot of the fear probably comes from the unknown but the more you study and expose yourself to this stuff, then the more comfortable you will be and you will be able to do well in technical interviews just like the cs grads.

It just takes time and practice.

Also, learning the basics of computer science will help with better understanding as a developer in general.
But as was mentioned earlier, this is something you can learn over time.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply.

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