Should I focus on finishing FCC or mix in The Odin Project?

I’ve almost finished the Basic Data Structures section of the JavaScript section and things are finally clicking, especially with arrays. I’m feeling a lot of progression with FCC.

I know I have yet to start algorithms and projects which can be tough. I’m wondering if I should devote my time to finishing FCC, or if I should split my days to half FCC half Odin Project.

My goals are unclear, but I’m just wanting to learn as much as possible before I choose which direction I’ll head in.

I do about 4 -5 hours of study a day. I was thinking of doing 2 hours FCC, 2 hours Odin then if I still want to press on, go back to FCC.

Thing is I’d be much further ahead in FCC compared to the Odin Project. I had to spend a long time setting up the virtual machines for the Odin Project too. It also involves a lot of reading, which is good but I learn more through doing.

Any advice? Anyone experienced using both?

Thank you!

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I haven’t done the Odin Project, so I can’t speak to it specifically. Generally my advice is to do one course at a time but be prepared to use plenty of outside resources. In order to make progress in freeCodeCamp (for example) you may need to spend a few hours reading documentation and explanations written by someone else.

With courses targeted at beginners, a lot of time needs to be dedicated to teaching the basics, and there isn’t really an advantage to spending the time to go through the basics twice.


I started the odin project, I remember it is a lot hands on.
at the beginning there are a few links to read, video to watch, then it says “now replicate the google homepage!” (and a few other things)
It may be different now, but I don’t think by much.
if you feel you need more practice after completing the fcc projects, you could do TOP. At this time I wouldn’t go trough all the steps of setting up the local environment. I would use, or something like that.

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