Should I leave or stay?

I have been with this company (let say Company XXXXX) as a Software Developer for almost 4 years.

Last Oct 2021, I got an offer & Company XXXXX counter-offered me by matching my salary.

Now I am waiting for my Senior promotion. I am curious how much the salary would be for the senior role in Company P.

In May 2022, my supervisor & my head of department have approved my promotion. Now they are waiting for the HR to sign off. It has been almost 2 months by end of June 2022…

I do not understand why HR needs so much time to process my promotion but the entire hardware team has been promoted back in May 2022!! What an ironic!

The difficult part for my position is, I have been working with C# for most of my career. Recently I have been working with Python (half a year).

  1. Should I stay or should I bite the bullet?
  2. If I seek for other opportunities, should I try senior Python or just mid level Python?
  3. Or am I better off to stick to C# senior role - that means I need more time to recall muscle memory for C# domain.

Please advise. Thanks

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Hi, Good morning
I don’t really think that anyone here (or anywhere else) can take the decision of staying or leaving the company.

Issues related to jobs/careers have so much parameters and considerations in account to make really strong decision (if you are interested, types of projects, salary, environments, other commitments, time, colleagues, etc. etc.)

If the things you are working with become a routine and you are not learning that much or you are not facing new challenges it’s better to make change inside the company or outside to grow your skills and go forward.

but in part of the C# and python part of the question, I don’t think this is a big problem like it’s not returning back and doing things again and learning, if you are in a level of a senior developer you can search for a senior position and mention the stack and technologies you worked/ are working with and If the new company working with a different stack It will not be a big problem to hiring process unless the company is searching for engineers ready to make a difference from the first day

I hope this help :grinning:

I’d consider this the point of “too many questions, without a clear focus”. Its hard to get answers when there are too many question marks. So the only thing you can really do to help is start eliminating those question marks.

  • What does your local job market look like in regards to C# vs Python developers?
    • What are they getting paid, looking for, located, etc etc.
    • Answering this question will give you a better idea of what it would look like if “you go”.
  • Is the slow HR promotion bothering you? You can always reach out and investigate to see what’s going on there.
    • Answering this question will give you a better idea if you should “stay”

The few points I think I can give more of a real answer would be this one:

Generally if you have senior experience in the field, you can carry that over to another language if you really are that senior. As by then it’s less about the syntax, and more about the tools and overall architecture. You should be able to get over any syntax differences rather easy and quickly if you really do know your stuff.

At the same time, if your “6 months out” of working on super relevant things, you should also be fine going back to C#, as that experience and knowledge might also be a little rusty, but again if you know your stuff deeply you shouldn’t have a problem.

Finally, if you already got job offers in the past, your job search shouldn’t be too difficult. That said, the job market is cooling a little more than it once was due to overall economic growth slowing. So I’d keep this in mind as you pick what you want to do. There are always companies hiring software developers, but the competition might get a little tighter and tougher, and we may not see the same level of “employee first” hiring for some time.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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