Should I remove my current job from my resume?

I started my current job about 11 months ago (as a software engineer in a big company).
(This is my third job, in the previous job I worked about 2.2 years, and the one before I worked 1.7 years).
I left my last job due to COVID-19. But I regret my decision, I should have waited more and found a better match. Now I am considering looking for a new job.

The reasons why I haven’t looked for another job until now are:

  1. I gave the current company a chance. It’s a new domain for me (Big Data), so I tried to work on multiple features in order to avoid making another wrong decision.
    And also tried to get more interesting features by asking my manager politely.
  2. I had too many things to do in my life - which prevented me from focusing on interviews.

I don’t like my current job, and I am not proud of my decision, mostly because I work most of the time on legacy code, instead of new technologies.
Now my dilemma is whether to mention my current job on my resume when looking for a job.

And lets say I remove it from the resume, What should I say? That I am still working at the previous company?

I can’t think of any advantage to removing your current job from your resume. Why would you? Just because you don’t like the job? There’s nothing wrong with that.


I don’t it think it will help you much. As the OP suggested you already you should keep your current job in your resume. This will show your experience to the employer.