Should I start as a frontend/backend developer or web developer?


I’m Suren (age 28) working for a software company as a customer support agent. I’m interested in the software engineering field but do not know how to start or what to do? If I’m to start which path should I follow and what should I start learning to develop my skills on that particular to move forward in my career.

Looking forward to an effective response to start this new journey.

Thanking in advance!


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I felt the same @RamSuren. I am currently interested in Backend development because it opens doors to data handling, infrastructure, cloud computing, DevOps etc. How did I know about this? I went to Youtube and search for Becoming a Software Developer I watched a lot of videos before I made my decision.

I believe this will go a long way in helping :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there,

nice to meet you!

I would start with FCC to learn the fundamentals.

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Hello Suren.

Front-end, back-end, web developer? All of these are parts of web development.

Where’s a good place to put your learning effort? If you follow the FCC curriculum you’ll get front-end (html, css, Javascript, Angular) experience and back-end (nodejs, express, Mongodb) experience. Those are good things to learn. It’s the so-called MERN stack:

  • MongoDb for storing and searching for user and application data
  • Express as a back-end (web server) framework
  • React as a front-end framework
  • Nodejs as the runtime and language support for the web server.

Do you hope to work at your present company as a developer? Ask a developer what stack they use. It may not be the MERN stack. It may have other technologies instead. There are lots of different technologies that can go into a real-world technology stack. And long-lived successful systems often have multiple technologies.

You should also ask a helpful co-worker developer what it takes to transfer from customer support to development. Your customer support experience is very valuable to a development team. You may not be a tech expert, but you know your company’s customers and their needs.


I often saw the word stack but has no full understanding to what it means. Thank you! Knowing what type of stack does FCC equips you with is also a valuable information! Much appreciated. I only wonder what would be the best “Stack” to learn if I don’t have a particular company on my mind to work with yet.

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Just for clarification, FCC teaches the MERN stack, with React. There’s nothing wrong with the MEAN stack and you’re welcome to learn it, but you’d have to get your Angular elsewhere.

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I stand corrected, thank you. I changed my post to MERN.