Should I take this freelance offer?

Hello, I just finished my portfolio and showed it off to some people.

It was seen but an acquaintance who just started his company. He was really impressed and asked if I can build his company webpage with full functionality.

I only know HTML, CSS, jQuery and some Javascript. Do you think it’s appropriate for me to accept this offer? I can put in the effort, and will definitely learn loads…I just feel I’m a little unprepared for this.

What do you advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Your portfolio and other projects look awesome.

I say you take it. You’re never going to feel “ready”, so just jump in!

I would do a little research on the non-coding aspects of freelancing around agreements, payments, etc.


Quite impressed by your portfolio. You should go for it

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Your knowledge is fresh, it’s great experience and an addition to your portfolio.
Better to take the chance and work hard on it than to regret for the rest of your life that you missed an opportunity.

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Hi OnomeSotu

As a freelancer your greatest “problem” is not the coding part.
It is the insurance, the contract, the payment and the organising.
I learned project management in my developer education but it dioes not prepare me for real projects and the real questions you will have if you get your first freelancer job.

I really recommand you to inform you a little bit about what is important and what you must care about to be a little bit prepared.

If you are prepared for the coding challenge… that depends on what the customer wants. If he want a business page in a simple way (5 pages, a little bit information about, contact form) then it would be no problem for you.
But if he wants much more (save data, SEO, statistics, blogs developed with a CMS and so on) you should be careful as a beginner.
It is normal to investigate in a project, you can’t know everything and every project is different even if it looks the same as the others.
But too much investations and missing knowledge for a project brings you bad under pressure (especially in your first jobs) and the result would not be your best

So, it is important to ask very deep and detailed what the customer want. Then you can think about how you can realize this, what you need (knowledge, budget, time…) and then you can say if you are ready for this.

Regards and good luck!



PJ’s advice is good and worth looking into. With a little research you should be good on that front.

This person is acquaintance. If he was a good friend that would be better.

On your ability alone I would say go for it! You do good work and it is very obvious that you are a dedicated, hard worker with talent :slight_smile:

Good luck and if you can keep me posted. I am just beginning my journey. I have built web pages but they were always with Front page (no more for them) or some other easy tool.


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Thanks for the advice PJ-Coding. I will look into this as you suggested. I will actually see him today so I have the opportunity to ask. Thanks for the topics you brought up… I hadn’t even thought of them.
I will let you know how it goes.

Hello Chuck, thanks you. I will speak with the acquaintance today and get a full knowledge of what he needs. And weigh the options. I am getting excited already and feel I would take it, but just like PJ said, I need to get a full understanding of the customers needs and think about how it’ll go.
I will let you know how it goes with him… I’m am starting to learn angular js now… Maybe I may do this project in it :slight_smile: I will give you feed back of how it went. Cheers

Hey there,

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