Should we use CSS3 variables and grid in 2021?

I love to use CSS3 Variable and Grid. SASS is good enough but CSS3 variables have more benefits as we all knew.

CSS3 Variables

IE does not support it still now, Smart people don’t use it though (Though I respect this browser) on the other hand Opera mini and other browsers have a tiny market share + I am not a big fan of them.

I am confused about studying random articles on the internet, Many says great to use right now, many say we will use it in the future when all the browsers implement these features :frowning:

Most of the major websites use CSS3 variables including Facebook, Google, Reddit, Vk, Twitter, etc.

Is it a good idea to use for my new website?


We all love CSS3 Grid. Almost all major browser support this (except IE & Opera) I actually hate opera since I have WIFI now :slight_smile:

I just want to know that, Should I start to use it for all new projects?

Advance Thanks.

Yeah they’re fine to use.

Old articles do not get deleted from the internet, so yes, some will say “in the future when all browsers implement it”, but it is now the future.

IE will never support it, IE doesn’t get new features and hasn’t for a very long time (many years at this point in time).

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Thanks for your valuable answer.

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