Sign in and page issue

Hi good folks,

I have an issue and I don’t know if someone else has the same issue. it regarding the sign in, each time I’m logging in and trying to continue where I left, the page resend me to another window ( new tab ) where I push the curriculum button and suddenly the page logs out and making me do the same progress over again, so I do not have access the the track or curriculum at all. I am using for the moment google chrome.

This suddenly started happening to everyone in the last hour. I know it’s frustrating. Thank you for your patience.

aha, Thanks God I’m not alone about it… well i guess i just have to be patient :slight_smile:

same issue with me. not able to see the gets blank after selecting any option

Same issue for me as well.

It seems to be at least partly fixed. I still see the “Sign in” button for a few seconds to a minute when I change pages, but then my avatar replaces it.

I have literally lost my year long of progress. It took me back to the very beginning of the challenges. Every time I click the sign in button, it takes me to a page where there is a box to enter my email in to get a log in code or press the link on the bottom that states that if I have signed with linkedin or github then I should click it. That takes me to a page where it mentions that I have finished this number of challenges. And this number never changes no matter how many more challenges I am taking since starting over. I am so confused and I really hope that I don’t have to really start all over again. I hope that it will be fixed soon so I can get back to where I have left off.

I’m also unable to successfully log in to the site, and I just wanted to check and see what the new site was going to have as far as saved progress. I know that it’s another “me too” message, but it would be great to be able to have a look at the new curriculum and see what’s been saved, what’s been lost, and where to resume.

Me too, ive been going through the same problem. lots of things got moved around.
I lost a few progress, thank goodness it was only a couple. I also cant see the “number” next to my name that
indicates to me how many challenges ive completed.
Since this morning ive been having serious problems logging in properly and its constantly asking me for
the email code over and over and many times logging me out while im in the middle of the challenge.
I also now have really ugly scroll bars all over the UX.
And also, when I need help if im stuck, when I press help it either doesnt go anywhere or it takes me to a page
that has nothing to do with help and while its doing that it will force ably log me out which then im forced to give yet another email code to get back in.
It goes on and on and on and on… Grrr. so frustrating.

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