Simple calculator -- feedback

Hi folks,

I am unemployed at the moment, and I’d love to get a job in the IT field, ideally as a web developer. I sent my CV to an IT company in the morning, and the manager asked me to build a simple calculator. I have finally finished the project though I’m planning on improving it a little bit tomorrow.

Here is the link click me!

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I like the calculator and it works well, but here is some things i suggest.

  1. Change the background color, it blends in with the calculator buttons.

  2. Add a push animation to the buttons along with shadows. It gives it a realistic look :smiley:

  3. I think the numbers show be bold and bigger.

Overall its a good working calculator.

  1. You are right, I am thinking of completely re-designing the app, but on the other hand I like simple stuff, and changing the background-color is an easy thing to do.

  2. Definitely planning to do! It looks like nothing is happening now.

  3. Honestly, I am not entirely sure but I think the font is set to maximum boldness, I can change a font, which is bolder though.

Thanks for taking your time and typing the comment. Cheers!

The final version of the app is available on both my codepen and github – I’ve reworked it a lot.