Simple (i think) 2D Game design

Hi :slight_smile: I know you require all the information etc. but ireally have no idea. Just this idea of a game I want to develop and which area in I should be looking.

I would like to know. Can a game like this be developed as a browser game? Zero moving parts just click in the hexagon kind of game. Needs to be multiplayer so two people can join this game simultaneously from remote locations and see each other’s moves in real-time. They play against each other by choosing different colors. As they click in the hexagon the hexagon will light up in its colour. This means it is “closed”

I’m sorry. I am not sure about the terminology of this either. Really very blind but looking to learn. apply. relearn. reapply.


Thanks for the response man.

Best video that would help me to get the ball rolling?

I seriously have zero idea where to start.

I have zero timelines. I have zero knowledge but have an idea I would like to execute if possible. Then build on it for a project I have in mind. I don’t physically need to be doing the coding/programming. I would be wanting to focus on other areas if i can negate the time/money aspect.

I’m clueless hence I have come onto the site. I have a lot more questions than answers. I want to have a clear idea of what would work best. If that means an app rather than a browser-based game then cool. I’m even willing to give this design to someone if it’s better off that way.

you can start at, from the first cert, and then go forward. will bring you to be able to do this game.

Thanks Ilenia :slight_smile:

So you recommend I start fresh. From the bare basics and build up my knowledge. Then proceed with this kind of game?

Not necessarily, you can build it while you go through the curriculum

Ex. Responsive web design, and then you build the look of the page

JavaScript, and you can make a local multiplayer

Maybe learning React you will want your local multiplayer to be more modern using React

And so on going forward. The 5th cert will be where you learn how to make a backend, and the Relational Database course will help with other stuff as well.

You can also start from this challenge:

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