Simple Survey Form

Hello to all, I am finally done with my survey challenge. Due to some life issues I kind of fell off FCC for a bit, however I came back learning more challenges and lesson have been added to courses i’ve already completed. I think its a better set up this way and allow me to revisit html and css. Right now I should be in javaScript doing my Twitch-Tv project, but find it more valuable to go over the basics again and get better with them. I tried to make this as simple as I could to be honest, I’m more happy I was able to pass all my story test, had to do a bit of research for some of them and rereading, here is my Survey project, all feed back is welcome of course.


A bit in a hurry at the moment but your text box is too wide and goes past the form border. Haven’t gotten deep into your code to see where or why but the width may need to be adjusted.

wow, i’ll check it out. it might be in the window i’m working in and i didn’t see that it was doing that. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey KiuShin,
I also just finished the first draft of the same project and I was scrolling through project feedback and I saw your form. I think your form looks really cool. It is really simple and well organized.
The layout is great. I played around with the screen width and the layout does break up a bit below 500 pixels.

I would think maybe adding a media query to position all the labels over the input fields when the screen is 500 pixels or less might take care of that.

Looks awesome! I hope you keep going with FCC. I have also found it a little discouraging sometimes when life gets in the way.
Keep it up!

Thank you, I don’t like complicated forms lol. I’ll probably work on it some tonight as I just finished all the projects in the css section.

I’d recommend adding height: 100%; to your html,body CSS. This will ensure your gradient ends at the bottom of the page, rather than having the blue gap