Sites/forums like Free Code Camp

Hi campers! I’m wondering, is there any forums like FCC about Web Development where I can participate, talking, finding new stuff i did not know etc…


Free Code Camp is pretty unique. I do strongly advise finding a local in-person group that you can participate in though.

The article A fast new way to find people in your city to code with tells you how to find FCC campers in your area, and other platforms like are a great way to find interest groups.

Is this forum not exactly that? I’m not sure what you want to discuss that would be out of place here.

We do have broader discussions about the benefits of different technologies or methodologies from time to time. It’s not uncommon to see threads along the lines of “I learned this cool thing, so I’m sharing it here so others might find it helpful”.

Also, I’m not sure how active it is these days, but the CodeNewbie forums might be another one you’d like:

And they also have decent Twitter chats (checkout the #codenewbie hashtag) which can help you find more people to discuss web development with.

There’s other forums out there that also have coding sections. Though if you want a community that’s like freeCodeCamp I recommend staying on this forum. If response times are too slow you could join our Gitter Chat or Discord Server (semi-official).

Your best bet is probably Reddit. They have a ton of developer forums on Web Development, Learning to code, and on various specific frameworks and languages.