How to find developer to share ideas/learning process with

Hello guys,

Ok, so I am little bit embarrassed, but:

I’d like to make friends with other devs, to discuss and share ideas, learning process, ask questions etc…

I only have few acquaintances from real life, and bottom line is if there’s anybody who’s willing to contact me and say hi and chat a bit about programming and related geeky stuff, feel free!

Over skype, or discord, or whatever.


FreeCodeCamp happens to have its own chat on Gitter :slight_smile: You can find our rooms here: There are quite a few active campers over there happy to talk about all the subjects you’ve mentioned!

Thanks for posting that. :slight_smile:
I had been around a year ago and remembered there had been a chat but forgot where to find it, so I am glad to know where it is again.

We don’t actively promote the chatrooms any longer when it comes to searching for help. This is because the forums have many benefits that the chatrooms simply cannot provide. Like a searchable history of questions that have been asked before and a much higher chance of getting an answer to your question(s) within a short timeframe.

However, we do acknoledge that the chatrooms serve their purposes. Like in this case, where users are looking for some interaction with fellow campers. And some people just prefer to talk to someone directly. That’s why the chatrooms are still around for those that want to use them.

Thanks for the thorough answer, bjorno43. It is good to know what the current thinking is. :+1:

As for borispov’s original post: I will shoot you a message.