Skipping Responsive Web Design. At what point will I need to go back?

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To expand on the title–I jumped past the first cert and am 3/4 of the way through JS Algorithms and Data Structures (I’m LOVING it). Why did I skip ahead? I’ve taken a couple entry level MIS and CS classes in the past and I have found HTML dreadfully boring. It doesn’t seem to really do anything. You know?

Anyways, I’m planning on forging onward for now, but I figure I’ll have to really dive in because I really want a job in the industry. At what point would y’all recommend touching back on Responsive Web Design? Also, does html ever get interesting?

HTML itself will never be all that riveting, but it’s the basis of the Document Object Model, or DOM, which you manipulate or create with javascript, either directly via libraries like jQuery, or declaratively through React and company. You need to know it. If you have any interest in visual design, you need to know both HTML and CSS, and CSS is where things actually get visually interesting.

If you’re solely interested in programming languages and not so much the visuals, then you don’t need a lot of in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, but you still can’t entirely escape it, since you’ll still need to create some kind of front end to your apps, even if just for prototypes.

It doesn’t do anything. It describes things. You can think of HTML (or its markup cousins, such as XML) as the ultimate declarative languages.

Personally I love HTML, but I’ll admit it took me a while to get there. It took me even longer to get to love CSS (and it’s still more “love-hate” than anything)…

If you want a purely back-end position, you really don’t need to know much about CSS or responsive web design at all. You may need to know a fair bit about HTML, but that largely depends on application architecture. If you’re building microservices that serve up JSON, you can almost completely ignore it. Meanwhile, if you’re building a monolithic app using a templating language, you should have a good understanding of HTML.


If you want to follow FreeCodeCamp certificates you will need to do the first certificate before the third, Front End Libraries, as those need a basic knowledge of html and css to understand, but it is also true that with those libraries you start manipulating html elements

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