Software engineering

Hi, I’m trying to find a full course in software engineering

I don’t know how to answer that. What is a “full course” in SE?

If you asked for a full course in (human) languages, what would that mean? Does that mean learning every language?

SE is a broad topic with a lot of specializations. No one comes even close to knowing them all.

You have to narrow down your focus if you want help.

We (FCC) are mainly focussed on web development. Is it a “complete” course? I wouldn’t say that. I would say that it is a solid introduction. And that is what most courses are because a lot of your learning will be in applying that knowledge.

I would say the closest you could come to what you are asking is a university program.

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“Software Engineer” vs “Programmer” vs “Developer” as job titles are (mostly) differences without distinction. If there is a specific type of software that you know you want to work on, some people here might have advice on material for those technologies. If you don’t have a specific dream, but want to build software, then stick around on freeCodeCamp and start with web technologies.

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Hi @ibrahimmariama100 !

Welcome to the forum!

You already received some great advice.

I just want to point out one thing.

Be leary about courses that claim to teach you everything you need to know when it comes to software engineering.

There are so many courses like

“Become an expert software engineer with this course”
“Become an expert full stack developer with this bootcamp”

Those are just marketing schemes to get your money.

There are plenty of great beginner and intermediate level courses to help you get started.

But there will never be a “full” course. :grinning:


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