Solution Examples

I think it could really be nice if after solving a task we can see a solution example. It can be productive for our learning. This way we can get to know more tools (functions, libraries syntax etc.), and compare our solutions, to (perhaps) a more elegant solution.
I’m not asking for a public resource, as such a resource can be misused to earn the certificate. I’m suggesting to have an option to view a solution after the student solved the task.

You can see solutions for algorithms, just search the name of the exercise in the forum

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There are also several people offering solutions on the internet and even youtube.

I think the point is to research topics and “grapple” with the content for better understanding and retention. That being said, I think it would be nice to show the intended solution like in learn you node. I post videos on YouTube for my students to follow for FCC but I give them supplemental projects as well to check for understanding.