[solved] I bought a Domain name. Now I'm in way over my head! lol

So I bought a Domain name on NameCheap.
Now I’m like "ughhhh?"
I think I’m in way over my head.

  • any fundamental steps to learn?
  • any vids to reference?
  • should i be on a diff forum for these questions (don’t wana clutter or misdirect)?

Now, find a web host (free or paid) and signup.
The web host will give you a set of DNS numbers to use.
Plug in those numbers for your domain name (you’d have to do this on your domain registrar).
After a few hours to 24 hours, your site (new domain name) will now be live and working at your new web host.
– now setup your email so you can have yourname@yournewdomainname.com


that’s easy enough.
I’m chatting with the peeps now and this guy says to buy a hosting package.
will that hosting service give me the DNS numbers and plug em’ into my domain name?

sry. you already answered that question.

I had to talk to tech support for a looong time to figure it all out. But I think that’s cause it was so new to me.
Anyway I have my site up and running and I even have SSL certificates lol.
Now I just need to finish my dam Portfolio here. :frowning: