Some advice please

I hate html, and all those tags and attributes, can I still be a good programmer? I study java and I particularly enjoy it.
My question is if I can have a job and even some freelance projects, hating web development. thanks

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I like programming languages ​​because I do not need to decorate anything, just use logic in most cases. I can create the same application in several ways. When I study html I have to know a lot of tags, attributes, classes and even the positioning of them, that’s what I hate.

Of course you can. HTML is not even a programming language.

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I Agree.:grinning: so you don’t have to code html.

You will find easier to do programming with HTML first then move onto other language. That’s what I done. HTML then CSS then JavaScript. If you like logic I will recommend back end web development and data science. So go with python. You do not need HTML. I forgot mention html5 is much easier

Exactly… HTML is not a programming language and has no bearing on how well you’ll do as a programmer. Html is to make things look pretty, programming is to make things function. Two completely different things that rely upon each other to work.

You dont hate web development by the way…you hate design. And thats okay. At one time, it was super easy to spot if a programmer made a website, because it looked like total crap…its almost as if they went out of their way to make the website look as plain and ugly as possible lol but they simply didnt care about making things pretty or taking the time to learn how…their skill was in making things function… the website was just a means to the end. Nowadays though, there are so many options for templates that its very possible to have an eye pleasing site up and running… you’ll still need to know enough HTML to integrate your features into the website, but the design aspect will be done for you.

Job-wise, Id suggest a bigger company that employs enough people to have a team of designers and a team of developers where ne’er shall the two meet. Smaller companies and startups need you to have a broader skill set, but in a large company you’ll be expected to do one thing and do that one thing well.

Freelanceing… Id suggest not marketing yourself as a web develoer because you’ll get a lot of people wanting you to design a website for them… but, I can imagine you could create and sell specific features, or make custom features…the longest running freelance gig I had til they hired me full time was developing and maintaining a database for a manufacturing company. You can also look into contract work, for freelancers who are designers but not programmers to offer custom features for a more rubust end product.

But yeah, def…from everything Ive been able to gather, HTML / CSS is a plus when it comes to development jobs, but not a requirement. And if the company is big enough, theyd anyway rather hire professional artists / designers with HTML / CSS chops to create their front end image.

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There are Designers with an eye for design and aesthetics… like Steve Jobs.

And there are Programmers who just want to code, and perfectly happy with Terminal text output… like Bill Gates. :slight_smile:


I would urge you to be careful using terms like hate in the development world. There are things in my day to day work life that I am not interested in and quite frankly would rather eat paper than do them, but if the job needs to get done, guess what? I will get the job done.

To answer your question, you can absolutely find a career in development where you don’t have to deal with HTML! However, you should know what it is, what it is for, and appreciate the people who do enjoy it. Be mindful of your attitude, eagerness to learn, and work ethic and you can accomplish just about anything.

You don’t have to do web development. If you do though, you need to understand HTML, you don’t have a choice.

If not, note you need to actually do useful stuff with data at some point, so you’re gonna need to deal with structured data, be it XML or JSON or RDF or CSV or whatever, so you will need to learn a few things similar to HTML anyway.

You might not like the syntax, but syntax isn’t very important past is it human readable? is it easy to write things to parse it? (If yes, it’s not really relevant how pretty it is)

I was very frustrated, there is a lot to learn in web development, sometimes I think I’ll never be able to learn everything I need. I’ll take it easy now, step by step. I do not hate html, I’m bad at it (for now), all these frameworks aaaaaaaahrg

yes, design is very frustrating

You might have a hard time at a web developer job, but you may end up enjoying a java development job. However before deciding let’s look at the following:

What about tags and attributes is frustating you? We can help you understand.

At a work environment you’ll be working with a team of people - even if design isn’t your #1 skill you’ll be working with others who might be able to spiff up the design to look nice whileas you might enjoy writing the backend for a web application.

So you are going to be constantly learning new frameworks for the rest of your life - you’ll need to get used to it.

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Keep in mind that Java also makes use of a markup language. Swing, JavaFX, and Android’s XML all make use of markup very similar to HTML. JavaFX and Android even use CSS. It’s very difficult to avoid writing markup these days.

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Indeed…its one thing to not be artistic and dislike design…but when it comes to disliking markup because theres a lot to learn…this isnt really the type of field to get into if you want to learn and then be done once you know…cause you’ll never know…there will always be a new framework or update or something and if you want to stay relevant, you’ll need to keep learning.

What is it that you hate about HTML? Is there something you don’t understand about it? Maybe once you determine that, maybe things will be easier. I know it may seem daunting, but it’s not bad if you can focus on pieces. I can relate to how you feel though. I have a hard time with CSS3, and although I understand C#, I’m not particularly fond of javascript, but since I enjoy Web Development, I’m giving all related technologies a chance.

If you are interested in programming in Java, you may still have to deal with other code that is similar such as XML and JSON.

Good luck in your programming journey,

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