Some wins, some losses

I spent the last year searching for a dev job. There were a lot more losses than their were wins. But it looks good for this year for sure.

You can read about my journey here at my newsletter archive.

What I’m trying to say is keep going. Life is hard and getting a job is equal parts luck and hard work.

You got this.


Great retrospective… You have me inspired to write my own as well now. I can really feel where you are coming from… I too interviewed with Msft in Nov, didnt get it…then an interview with Amazon a couple weeks ago…just found out I didnt get it.

Part of me is feeling so deflated and let down, another part of me is like…hold on, get your perspectives in order. Msft and Azn were interested enough in you to give you an interview…thats huge! That means Im close…very close. Just need to keep working on myself so that I can cinch the job, and it will happen.

Sounds like you are on a good track… :slight_smile: