Sound table app - outside of FCC curriculum. Review please

To be viewed mostly on computers - hasn’t been tested on other devices (smartphones / tablets) extensively.

It’s my take on making something I made with one of the online bootcamps more mine… I need to clean the js and css file a bit but it should be working fine : )

Let me know what you think!

I hope this is not too much of an offtopic - I’ve been having a lot of fun making this, and it was a great leap away from algorithms / FCC projects fatigue.


After finding you’re intro text so hard to read, your app redeamed itself… I love it! like a kid loves bashing on things and making noises i’ll probably be at this for ages haha

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Sorry for that. one of my life goals is to redeem comic sans and all it’s cousins. It was a random Google fonts choice - > am open to suggestions in that!


I think its the heavy weight at the small size, and maybe the color/contrast too rather than the font choice

Wow. What a great app this is. In love with the automatic Music generator. Just saved in random keys and pressed start and I started to feel like a rockstar. :smiley: :guitar:

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I just mashed the keyboard (on iPhone - works great!) and it basically sounds like the ‘Coding Ambient’ station I set up on Pandora for my late night coding sessions!

I could just switch over to this and save a bunch of download data!

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How many of us put the alphabet in, in order?

It actually sounds intentionally good :smiley:

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Wow this is amazing. I made a mean beat with it.

It would be really cool if you could also set the time interval between each beat played i.e. each square. aside from that this is truly inspiring. Great job!!:musical_keyboard:


Thanks for your time guys!
I am currently implementing some sound variations. Will drop the updated version to github within 24 hours : ) I will make sure to bring this topic up then, as I believe there will be even more fun to be had!

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The intro message is hard on the eyes and brain like other people have said. I think all you have to do is set 100% opacity and it should be perfect.

Besides that its a really great program! Where did you find such great sounds? Your sound samples are A+ quality. Lots of fun this app :smiley:

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I have totally forgotten to add that info in the website in the zeal of extra functionality adding. here are the sounds here’s where the inspiration for the whole thing came from.

Will be duely credited in the next push.


I found the font you used really hard to read, and the text very long (maybe it’s because of the font) but all the app is amazing! I spent some time playing with the sounds rs

Wow thats awesome … nice work :slight_smile:

I just spent about 15 minutes on your patatap, typing my name and simple sentences. Tempted to create a song out of it. Great Job!

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Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who is enjoying the app, there will be a strong continuation to this threat once I am done fixing what needs be fixed!

Here’s the new control panel , there’s six rows now each can be looped separately I am currently working on a way to link the songs to your friends and a clearer definition of the table cells (to know what sounds are in each) - there will also be a current set indicator to tell you where you’re (it’s connected to the sound indication);
Keep in mind that these changes are not online yet, they are sitting on my harddrive - there’s of course a new font.

I’ve been experimenting with recording the canvas and exporting the file to mp3 - but have three problems with that:

  1. the sound export from a tab is much more difficult than recording the screen
  2. the app already is quite process heavey I fear it would kill it for any mobile device
  3. sounds are not mine - I am willing to add any soundset - there’s an outside server waiting to host the files - so if you have a set you’d like me to add let me know.
    use the following file names(there are corresponding letters included) to make it a bit easier on me.
    { m:“piston-3.mp3”, n:“zig-zag.mp3”, b:“wipe.mp3”, v:“veil.mp3”, c:“ufo.mp3”, x:“timer.mp3”, z:“suspension.mp3”, l:“strike.mp3”, k:“squiggle.mp3”, j:“splits.mp3”, h:“prism-3.mp3”, g:“prism-2.mp3”, f:“prism-1.mp3”, d:“piston-2.mp3”, a:“pinwheel.mp3”, s:“piston-1.mp3”, q:“bubbles.mp3”, w:“clay.mp3”,
    e:“confetti.mp3”, r:“corona.mp3”, t:“dotted-spiral.mp3”, y:“flash-1.mp3”, u:“flash-2.mp3”, i:“flash-3.mp3”, o:“glimmer.mp3”, p:“moon.mp3” };

There’s a public explanation / tutorial coming on the creation and evolution of this app. Everything should be wrapped before Christmas holiday season / mid-December.