Split Strings with split

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var string = "Split me into an array";
var array = [];

// Only change code below this line.

 array = string.split(' ');

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I wanted to post my answer and wasn’t sure how ?
I managed to pass through the challenge, but I am still not sure how to post my code.

No need to post your code. In fact, we prefer you keep your solution to yourself, unless you have specific questions about.

Understood thank you for the clarification Randell Dawson!

This code makes an array with every string worg in particulary. Split method does what it says: splits strings and put the pieces into an array. The tricky thing here is the space between the quotes:
-if it has no space, then makes an array with every character, including spaces between the words
-if it has a space between, like in the code above, it makes an array with every word, not including the spaces.

The result will be :

array = [‘Split’ , ‘me’ , ‘into’ , ‘an’ , ‘array’];