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Hi! I’m planning on starting my own company to gain some experience and try to sell some websites. Anybody want to help out that’s good with HTML, CSS, jQuery, pretty much front end design?

Here’s a quick portfolio I made in like 2 days if you want to check it out


I’m down. I’m working on my tic Tac toe right now and after I’m done I’ll be certified for the front end section. Check out my GitHub if you are interested:
Shoot me a message

Awesome! Can you link some past projects you’ve done? Or a link to your codepen?
There you go man. If you wanna check out the source code go to my github page

My portfolio page currently looks like trash so I didn’t post it up lol. It needs some more work and i’ve been too busy doing all these other projects.
I loved your portfolio page. Very well done.

No offense intended, but I ran the W3C Validator on every single one of those links and each one has at least a couple of errors & warnings in the HTML, and your ‘docujack’ in particular is the worst with 40 reported errors & warnings. You should use the W3C Validator yourself to locate & fix all of the errors, as they don’t make your work look very professional from the developer point of view.

Thanks man for the heads up
I’ll get them fixed

Ok so I just used this W3C Validator thingy and checked and apparently there are 21 errors on it. Just saying lmao

@DouglasDunn Your weather app does not correctly report the current weather for Santa Clara, CA (where I am). It shows 80 degrees F, but it is actually 55 degrees F right now. The design layout is great though.

Oh. I used the geolocator api so i think its being a little buggy

So I was looking for people that can design websites like this for example. I can do these myself but trying to run a company by yourself is very hard when your competing with professional teams all around the world. For these kind of websites, they have to meet strict criteria, code passed through the validator, compatible on all devices and browsers, with unique design and animations. After all this, it will be converted into a wordpress site to sell to businesses and other wordpress developers to the point where giving customer support will be a breeze. Plus I’m going to have to market the products to wordpress bloggers and bussinesses to get the company name out there. A lot of work to do to start out so i thought collaborating with others will be more fun and save lots of time! I read tons of posts where authors say getting their site onto the top marketplace is pretty hard since the reviewers are strict so working together will definitely help with following strict code styles.

It’ll be cool to be part of your team. Finished my Frontend cert. Currently working on getting the backend cert

Your portfolio/site looks really good. Kudos! Im having challenges figuring the best way to present my work. Any suggestions? what template/framework did you use?

I’d be willing to join your team. My portfolio is here

Send me a message!

I’m almost done with all the certifications, but I’m starting to just re-do my past projects because I focused too much on functionality, rather than aesthetics. For example the voting app is horrible (gray and white).

Your page looks pretty good but I noticed two things

  1. Scroll bar seems a bit glitchy.

  2. Your portfolio page looks great but the previews in the ‘work’ section look unprofessional. The dark red and dark blue backgrounds don’t appeal to the eye in the same way your portfolio does. I think that even changing the backgrounds to white would be an improvement. Although FCC intends to create front end developers, not designers, I believe that we should still be able to see when something is ugly. Your camper leaderboard app is pretty ugly.

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Sounds interesting. I dont think im at a level to work for pay but I would like to kind of do general practice sites of the sites you guys do. For example if you make a car selling site then I wan to also make one so that I can compare it at the end of the day. Something like that.

I’m interested! I just finished the Front End Development certificate from Skillcrush, which covers HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. I’m relatively new to Free Code Camp, since I only found it about a week and a half ago, but I’m not having any trouble with it. I’m doing it to be able to add projects to my portfolio and for the extra practice.

You can find my portfolio at my web site ( You can find my resume there, also. Please note that, as always, the portfolio site is a work in progress. The best work up there is my Unplugged site (a demo music site), which i did with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a bit of jQuery.

I’m not a designer (yet), but if you can show me what you want, I can build it.

I’m currently learning WordPress at Skillcrush (www-dot-skillcrush-dot-com) and at Treehouse ( I also have my website on GitHub at www-dot-github(dot)com/vtbookworm. By the time you’re ready to move your site to WordPress, I’ll be up and running and can help with creating a new theme or customizing an existing one.

Send me a message and let’s talk!


Check out my YouTube Lessons. I might be able to help.

I am still in the learning process but I would love to be able to contribute or just be informed as to what you could use help with.