Started my first HTML and CSS job

Actually two, one part time, one full time. A wordpress customer support and a html css developer.

Honestly, I haven’t finished Udacity CS101 & I only finished the first certificate in CSS. however, I did side projects (python and html, css,js) that made me put Udacity and FCC on the back burner.

It’s a start up so I am not expecting that it will pay well but work is nice. However, I’m not out of the woods yet, 1st month is probationary period. I hope I get regularized.

here’s some from me:

  • startups will be the one to most likely hire you they do not pay much (understandable) BUT they will open doors for you unlike a stable company where it’s much much harder to get into. that way you can gain actual experience
  • build your own “startup” it only cost $9 a year on dot com domain + 8$ per year on very cheap host. cloud flare is free. you may want to use a php web framework and/or a cms since most shared hosts support it unlike python web frameworks.
  • do side projects
  • don’t quit your stable job yet, dunno about you but if you got a job with a light work load, don’t quit it yet. you need a source of income to pay the bills ya know. it’s a different story if your current job’s work load is so heavy, may want to find another since it’s hard to balance coding with a regular job with a heavy work load.
  • develop a work ethic, i guess? self starting, easily grasp what to do - i think are the soft skills you’ll mostly use.
  • find sources to ask for help, stackexchange, etc.

maybe html,css, especially javascript might not be the language where you can get a job but it can be your first language that can open your doors to other languages with more demand.

there’s hope, good luck.


Amazing lines man, I appreciate!!

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Inspiring! Some questions for you:

How long have you been learning web development?

How many jobs did you apply to?

How did you find jobs to apply to? Indeed? LinkedIn?

Do you have a portfolio site? What does it look like?

Would you consider posting a censored resume here for us to see?


  • started python with CS101 at Udacity around 2nd half of 2018, i think that was July or August 2018, I started learning css, and js somewhere along the way. so around a year now. I learned basic html in highschool, fcc taught me the more advanced one. Also, i’ve been building wordpress and weebly sites for more than a year now, these are cms /WYSIWYG editors so not much coding involved and can’t be considered web development but i think i should mention it.

  • around 5 to 10 jobs a day. each one read and different description/application letter.

  • local online job site. if you can find local job sites or other job sites, please do. i don’t like freelancer dot com and upwork due to the sheer amount of competition. maybe try pph or linkedin

  • yes, it’s like the portfolio site i made on fcc with improvements

  • no, but to describe my resume. i just edited it a little. above the fold are the skills and experience i want to highlight. remember when i said you build a “startup” i believe you can put that in your resume along with any side projects on the portfolio or projects section.

Absolutely phenomenal, congratulations. Don’t quit, don’t stop keep moving forward!

This is helpful, thank you!

thank you. i’ve focused so much on “finding that first job”, now i’ll wonder how to take my dev career to the next level lol.

Congratulations first of all for “putting the foot”!
Don’t worry about that next level though. It will come for sure!
If anything else, you have learned one of the most important skills (if you didn’t already have it) through your course so far, in case you didn’t notice…
You have managed to set a goal, focus and work towards it, and accomplish it.
So applying the same steps/mindset should help you with the next level!
Enjoy the new jobs!