Starting from the beginning

Im currently trying to teach myself to code. I have combed through all the success stories and I’m motivated. I just found FCC and thought that there is great benefit in the having community.
I hope to one day be a proficient full stack developer but have started on a learning path on for “junior Wordpress developer”.
should I continue learning on Lynda and then come here to review? Should I drop Lynda and start on FCC and follow diligently?
opinions please.

Wordpress needs different skills, here instead you can learn how to make a website from scratch.

They are both useful skills, it depends on the path you want to take

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learn from anything and everything. no one source is going to teach you everything. mixing things up once in a while might make learning easier


I agree with you, yes, it depends on someone who knows himself better than the others.

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Thank you for your replies. I think I will start to Hit the FCC lessons. I hope to be be well versed and it seems that the paths here hit everything. I will also use Lynda to review!

Hey @hnegron22 Heather,

The Lynda WordPress track and the FCC Front End track have a lot of overlap. Basically everything from the FCC Front End certification will apply daily to working in a WordPress environment. That is html, css, javascript and jquery.

Where things start to diverge significantly is when you get into the backend technologies. FCC goes the Node route, while WordPress takes the php route.

So, my advice would be to use both Lynda and FCC. Do all the html, css, javascript and jquery lessons and projects in both.

Once you finish up on the front end things you will be in a much stronger position to judge what you want to do as far as the backend goes…

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Learning from different sources is the best way to learn. Mix and match, if you feel like you didn’t understand the lesson well or didn’t like the explanation try and see how others have tried to explain that same thing. Google is your best friend. Read articles. Read MDN ( it’s actually quite good these days and offers way more things that just a reference to JS methods ) Be very selective in watching video and code-along tutorials. Avoid the ones that aren’t riddled with exercises and the ones that don’t make a point of challenging you. Write code every day. You can do this!

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I won’t to start programming but I have no ideal

Just start… as you are here why don’t you try FreeCodeCamp curriculum at

Great to know that it’s free and about some successful people.