Starting me from lesson one!?

I’ve signed into my account from a different computer. when I sign in it correctly acknowledges the lessons I’ve completed, yet when I press ‘go to my next coding challenge’ it’s starting me from the beginning! What’s up with that???

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I’m having the same issue.

That button seems to not work fine yet, but if you go to your settings => show me my public profile it should show you all the lessons you’ve completed starting from the last one.

oh ok, thank you for the speedy reply.

That doesn’t work you suggested. Also it could be better to be more precise with a screenshot

I don’t know how to complete my new challenge. There is no change in the curriculum after I submit my correct answer.

Not really an admin, just sharing what worked for me:
What exactly doesn’t work?
If you log in and go to your settings and click ‘show me my public profile’

Does it show you a page like this?
And if so, when you scroll down to your Timeline, do you see anything or is completely blank?

Settings => show me my public portfolio
at the top of the timeline will be the last lesson you completed, start there and you’re set. Worked for me.

What happens when you press control+enter? do you get the pop up saying you completed the challenge or nothing happens?

No idea what that could be, It works fine for me both with control+enter as well as clicking on the submit and go to my next challenge button.

It might be a bug. The beta could only be used on chrome, maybe it is a feature not supported by other browsers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What browser are you using? Try inspecting the document with your browser console (right-click the button and select inspect), see if the button has a link to your next challenge or it is empty…

My mistake, it should be fine.
The topic like ‘introduce to javascript’ is not a challenge , right?
I was trying to complete it, and keeping doing the ‘celsius convert to Fahrenheit’ :sweat_smile:

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