Starting my tribute page

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do i need to delete the script tag or am i to code under it ?
Also what is meant by an element with a corresponding id?

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You code underneath the script.
That is the code for the little three lines on the top left side that tells you how many tests you have passed/failed and what you need to fix or insert to pass.

an element tag are things like…

and you add an id = “” inside of whatever element they are asking.
example: header id=“header”

Also, you should create a codepen account because these projects are essentially building a portfolio for future employers. I hope this helps. Lmk if I should clarify anything else.

thank you,and yes i created a codepen account .
is something like this correct?

<main id="main">

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ok got it
but i still cant get through the first hurdle , i have created an element with a corresponding id=“mail” as in the code in my previous reply

It’s easiest for people to help you if you post a link to your codepen so that your code can easily be seen. Otherwise everyone would just be guessing.

this is the link to my project -

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The <title> element is a reserved element that comes before the <body> element. It would be found in the <head>. You’re trying to use an element in a way that is not within standards. If you put in a valid element the test will pass.

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