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Hi. I’m sorry to ask what probably sounds like a stupid question, but can anyone explain the following for me please?

Note : If you work locally on the projects you must use a server in order to get accurate results from the test.

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No, this isn’t a stupid question.

But I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean in the first projects, like the tribute page? You don’t need any kind of a server for that. To work locally, you could just open up an html file and work on it.

A local server will become important for the API projects and fullstack things. There are workflows that may use a development server to transform and render your code (for things using webpack, etc.) but you’re probably not there yet.

Does that answer your question or did I misunderstand?

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply to my question. I think you have answered my question. I have just completed the responsive web-design course and am about to start my first projects, (tribute page etc) and the note that I copied and pasted into my question was on the project home screen, so I wondered if it was a warning that my work won’t count unless its on a server.

I’m not sure what that comment means. The other option is to not work on the initial projects locally but use an online IDE (codepen, etc.) But if you feel comfortable working locally, then go for it.

I don’t know why you would need a server and that could mean a few different things. I know a lot of people have worked on these locally, so why not just worry about that if/when the problem arises.

Hey there @gumpsh!

I understand the question and there’s a simple workaround, I always wrote my code in VS code and then copy+paste into codepen to test it. However, if you already use VS Code there’s an extension called live server that deploys your website to a temporary server for free (you can later dispose of the server by closing the tab it opened), the reason the test script won’t work on local files is due to the way the script was written.

However, testing it within CodePen, , or using the VS code live server will give you accurate results on the tests to make sure you pass. With live server though I realized I could test it straight from the machine without having to constantly update my CodePen, just an observation I wanted to mention.

Quick warning the live server extension is only for testing and you will not be able to share your code with it, you will have to use CodePen,, GitHub Pages, or some other hosting platform to share your code.

Hope this helped!

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@Cy499_Studios is correct. There are several ways that you can work on your projects, but in order to create a link and submit your project to freeCodeCamp, there needs to be a live version online. There are a number of fee ways to do this and CodePen is one of the easiest.

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Hi, thanks for your help. I ended up discovering that I needed to read and follow the instructions on FCC properly! I was going to codePen and starting a new pen, which of course didn’t have the test-suite source code added. I now click on the appropriate link on FCC, which opens up a new pen with the source code in place. I apologise for taking so long in responding, but I have been so engrossed in coding, that I forgot to check back in!

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