Starting the journey with Data Analysis with Python

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I finally jump in after long months of reflexion. I’m actually doing digital marketing with a strong focus in SEO, where I like going in depth regarding analytics, data viz dashbord, tagging… I would like to switch for Data Analyst.
To do that, I will learn on the side of my actual job, trying to create projects that i can share and put in front of job interviewers in a 2 years horizon.

I already had courses with my digital marketing data degree several years ago in HTML, CSS, Python, SAS, but to be honest, I would like to start from scratch.
I decided to start with the Data Analysis with Python path, but it looks like it’s more for people with basic knowledge, using Git, basic Python command and so on.

Would you recommend me to start with the Responsive Web Design path (HTML, CSS…) before jumping into Data Analysis?

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Based on my experience, data analytics usually requires skills like PowerBi/Tableau, Azure (Cloud in general), SQL, creating dashboards etc so I would focus on that. At a job, you may be asked to pull data from an API do things with it like make a dashboard.

I do think it’s hard to get into this type of role outside the company. What I mean is that a lot of the skills you need to pickup will probably be learned on the job so it’s going to be hard to get that experience. Your best bet is to see if there are internal opportunities at your company to do some data analytics work. See if there are teams using PowerBi and try to see if you can join them.

As a note, I found that people with a database background can pivot into data analyst roles

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