Step 12: Element Selector in CSS

The task is to “Center your h1 element by setting its text-align property to the value center .”.

But I have done everything, but it’s not submitting.

HI @adeboye.dem !

I have edited your post to include the challenge link so we know what lesson you are referring to.

Your code looks correct to me.
have you tried resetting the lesson?
Also, make sure to disable any browser that might mess with the tests.

Alright. I will do just that.


I have tried everything. Nothing changed. I even tried another browser.

Can you write your code directly into the forum and I can test it again on different browsers to see if I am getting the result you are?

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h1 { 
text-align: center;

I tried it again with chrome and safari and it is passing on my end.
Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 10.18.49 AM

You can move onto the next lesson since you got it right.
But if the issue comes up again for another lesson there might be an issue with your setup.

Wish I could be more help

Wow. Alright


Please Step 14 still brings out the same issue.

What should I do?

If you look in the browser console Shift + Ctrl + J when you submit do you see any errors? If so can you post a screenshot of the console?

This is the screenshot

hmm… that’s weird that you are not able to pass the tests.

And you double checked that all browser extensions have been disabled?

page-data.json definitely should not be returning 404. Not sure why that is happening.

Try it in a Incognito Window if it works there it might be caused by an extension. Or you can try it in a different browser.

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It’s working now on the ignition.

I hope it doesn’t re-occur in the future.

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