Stephen Hawking Tribute Page - Need Feedback

I’ve coded my first web designing project.
Its a Tribute Page to Stephen Hawking.

I need feedback on design and suggestions on where I could do better?
Thanks in advance. <3


Hello @_mr_sg ! Welcome to the community!

This is an awesome first project, good job! The only thing I think you should change could be the contrast of the timeline items, between 1968 and 1982 the combination of colors hurt a little in the eyes.

Apart from that, I think it is an outstanding first project and I want to see the next ones you make. Good luck and don’t stop coding!


Hey!!! Thank you very much…

I’ve tried to make changes by giving a bit dark shade in background between the place you suggested.

Thank you once again for that motivation <3


This project looks great! The periods on the left column need to get some direction.

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Love It! Awesome Tribute Page!! I noticed (on tablet view) Hawking’s picture centered top to bottom puts the image in awkward spot just off the “landing” portion off the screen which creates layout issue for the bio text. Mobile and Desktop look great!!! Keep coding :vulcan_salute: