Struggling as a Beginner

i completed sections 1-7 of colt steeles udemy course before starting fcc and it really helped a ton. i really enjoy angela yu’s udemy course too and am using both alongside the fcc curriculum

as for notes i just use windows 11 sticky notes as they are simple and it has a search filter built in so i can search for specific notes

before i started html and css i actually began with python and django. i really enjoyed python crash course as it introduces you to programming really well especially with getting comfortable in a development environment.

it does take time especially if you are new so dw if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused. just keep focusing :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m on the colored markers lesson right now, but should I redo the previous Cafe lesson and take notes this time? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to take notes or will I just figure it out as time goes on.

yes take notes but keep them short and brief so its easy to refer back to them later on

That means I should redo the cafe menu and cat website?

when i did the cafe menu i actually created two more of them myself in vs code but i would use either my notes or refer back to the code in freecodecamp if i got stuck

if you feel like you are not confident with what it has taught you then it may be worth repeating them. i dont think think those two take very long and creating your own versions of the projects and customising them can be fun :slight_smile:

what website should I use to make my own creations? Codacademy and codepen both have workplaces, but are there any other websites that might be better? I don’t want to download any software just one that is a workplace browser like the two I just mentioned.

just stick with codepen then. but if you want to be a dev you will need to work with and get comfortable with vs code

VS code has a browser version, but it doesn’t allow you to actually run it as it appears. It says to continue in an environment that can run code like vs code desktop or codespace.

is there any particular reason why you do not want to install software? :((

I don’t think you can download anything on a chromebook and my chromebook costed me like 100 bucks. I’ve seen people use VS code on browser, but setting it up in codespace is mad confusing.

vs code blog says you can run vs code on chromebook

“VS Code runs on any recent Chromebook, as long as you are able to enable Linux applications via Crostini, which we’ll look at how to do in just a moment.”


“you will be able to run it on low-powered Chromebooks, with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM”

i think there are many different ways to do it. may be worth googling around to see what you can find

I still don’t want to download that, is there any way to program without downloading?

i dont think so?

big part of programming is downloading and installing software, libraries, extensions, apps, others code, etc. it is unnavoidable :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

For right now I don’t want to, which can I just use as a beginner that lets you program on your browser?

codepen, replit, stackblitz, codesandbox, are a few online tools that you can use to create projects.

codesandbox and stackblitz will give you an editor enviroment that is closer to vs code if that is what you are looking for right now

Since you are in the early days of learning, just focus on learning the basic concepts.
You can build tons of small projects with any of those tools I just mentioned.


There is also JSFiddle. You can just do an internet search on “websites like CodePen”. CodePen is the best of them. In the first few courses, you will only do front-end programming so websites like CodePen will be perfect. But when you get to Python, you can use random online IDEs like CodeChef and the ones by Programiz. There are lots and lots of these websites, it’s wonderful!

Hello and welcome!!! I am new as well, been doing this on and off for around a year. What has helped me push through is after every few exercises take a little break let the information process through your memory. You will come back and have an AHA moment. Looking things up is not cheating but google and the forums help. I have tried a lot of courses, such as Udemy, youtube, but this one is very comprehensive well thought out and I have gotten a lot out of it for the most part. The issues I have with udemy is that once some courses are outdated, even though it will say updated for 2023 that is not true, unlike FCC that re-did the entire web development frontend and even kept the legacy one available (the one I started with). Stick to it, hang in there!!!

Thanks, it is me 15pn, just on a new account. Looked over your message again and Stackblitz is exactly what I was looking for. I was using CodePen before and it is horrible, never going back. Trying to get into web development right now, thanks.