Struggling with Javascript :(

Hey everyone,

I have been going through the Basic Javascript section here on freecodecamp but I feel as if i’m not actually learning anything. It is teaching me how to create variables, use mathematical operators and how to concatenate variables together and everything but I’m failing to see how this actually applies to a webpage?

Any advice at all is massively appreciated as learning to code is really important to me!

Thanks :smiley:

any webpage that does anything useful (eg. google, amazon etc) requires back-end code to make it work. That means knowing how to code in a language like javascript. hope this helps.

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In addition to the above one can use JavaScript for its original purpose of creating and controlling dynamic content on the page

In the slightly outdated metaphor, the html is the structure, the CSS is the style, and the js is the behaviour

Of course these days all 3 standards have evolved and there’s considerable overlaps in some sense between them

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