Stuck on my Tribute Page Project:

It’s the Some Comic News pen. I’m having trouble getting to get my background color CSS classes to show up. I am going to continue to research my topic for now, but I just want to know what I’m doing wrong here. I should probably submit a link to the movie that I am getting most of my information from, but this is my start to the tribute.

First thing I see is you need to remove the quotes from your CSS. For example:

  background-color: "silver";
  color: "orange";

should be:

  background-color: silver;
  color: orange;

Pretty much the only time you’ll use quotations in your CSS that I’ve encountered, is when declaring a background image url or adding content via a before or after.

Now I don’t know if it was code pen or my browser, but I had to rewrite that entire .background-silver style block for it to finally run in the pen. Which is pretty bizarre. So if you don’t see changes after taking out the quotes, you might have to do that too.

Another suggestion I would make is using Hex or RBG numbers for your background colors and font colors, it’s just a good habit to get into. Not that there’s anything technically wrong with using something like Silver but you’re missing out on a whole host of colors that don’t have names for them that you could use.

But definitely start out by removing those quotes. :smile:

Hey! about your green background, it should be like this:

.background-green {

background: rgb (0,255,0);