Submission won't work - Error

I started my Glitch project and when I try to submit it to pass lesson “How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package”, in the Managing Packages with Npm section, it refuses to pass the test. I believe this is an error in the submission process. Attached are some pics the code in my Gitch project and what the test returns.!

You’re not including the correct url.

After completing each challenge you can copy your public Glitch url (to the homepage of your app) into the challenge screen to test it!

I’m still having an issue, and it is not solely this lesson it is every lesson that requires I need to input the correct url. Attached is a new url, this time for the index.html for my app. Still no Go :frowning:

What URL am I supposed to use, and do I need to copy that into some of my HTML to pass the test?

You need to use the endpoint url. Like

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Thanks so much SpaniardDev

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