Submitting Projects via Codesandbox


Has anyone had any trouble submitting projects to FCC using CodeSandBox?

A live link from them will submit your project, but it won’t show up in your solutions in your profile. I found I have to manually copy and refactor my code from CodeSandBox to Codepen if I want my solution to be accessible from FCC.

Hello there,

I have not had any specific issues submitting Codesandbox links to fCC.

What do you mean by this? A link is saved as your solution once you click the Submit and continue… button that pops up in the modal. Are you definitely clicking this?

I did submit a live link from CodeSandBox.

When I click on ‘Show Solution’ in my profile for the project, it links to CodeSandBox, but I get a message that says: “Something went wrong, session doesn’t exist or is closed”.

My concern is that I won’t be able to get a certification once I complete all the projects because my solutions are missing. I’ve tried generating a share link from Codesandbox but FCC won’t accept it.

maybe the “session is closed” is the point, I don’t think codesandbox keep the project live for much time, you would need to restart it

if you are on front-end projects, are you submitting a link to the codesandbox editor? that should work and don’t expire

if you are doing back-end projects, other than live app link, always submit also a link to the code

I see what you are talking about with your project not opening from the link:

However, I do not expect the link to look like that. For example, one of mine looks like this:, and I do not get any issues with it not allowing me to view it, even when I am not working on it.

Do you have a CodeSandbox account?

Yes, I do have an account and googling other people’s projects has shown me a link like yours. I don’t know why mine don’t come out that way. I’ve even reformatted it my myself as“whatever the number is” and it works on my end, but FCC won’t accept it.

As you are supposed to submit a link to your app (not your app code), the submission box will not accept a submission to such a link.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your CodeSandbox environment? That is, where you are editing code and previewing your app.

This is the screenshot of my enviornment. Let me know if you need another one. Thank you.

I can see your app link is

Hope this clarifies


Thank you very much!!!

I had no idea the preview window had a URL I was supposed to use. I thought that wouldn’t have worked.

Thanks a bunch!!!