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I’ve been going through the freeCodeCamp “Responsive Web Design” curriculum and I’m liking the various challenges. I’ve also noticed that there are a number of freeCodeCamp YouTube videos and written tutorials with visual illustrations - but that these aren’t featured within the curriculum.

I’m able to work my way through the various exercises, but I find that my retention of the information is pretty poor. In part, because I’m being “quizzed” on something I’ve just read, so I’m only using short-term memory.

I’d like to propose the following possible improvements to the curriculum:

  • Embed an introductory video visually discussing the major concepts of a given section.
  • Add mini-projects you need to complete from scratch at the end of each section, rather than just major projects that should be completed at the end of all sections.
  • Link to freeCodeCamp written and YouTube tutorials, along with mozilla reference where appropriate.

Thanks for providing this great resource!

the freeCodeCamp cuurriculum future development can be see in these articles

The project based curriculum should satisfy your second point.
For the other points, the curriculum wants to be as self closed as possible (external links would need to be regularly checked for example), but the camper is encouraged to use the Read-Search-Ask method as much as possible

Also note that in programming you should not aim to memorize stuff, as you always have documentation available for you. It’s like learning latin, you learn how the language work, but you have always a dictionary available to check.

For an aswer to your request, for feature requests the best place is the github repo.


@ilenia Thanks so much for the response. It’s great to hear that most of these changes are already in progress, and I appreciate hearing the reasoning behind not including external links.

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