Survey Form Feedback (End of life survey)

Hey everyone! Finally completed my first project in the curriculum and was looking for some feedback.

What do you all think? Any design choices you would’ve made differently? Any code suggestions?

Thanks for checking it out!

One question, can you actually read any of the content on the page? Because I can’t. From what I’m looking at, your font color is just about the same as your background color.

Hey! I can, the background image must not be loading in from your side. I wasn’t sure where to host the image so I did so on Google drive. Maybe that wasn’t the best place to host it for consistency.

Here’s what I see on mobile:

Yep, that’s it! I’m not sure you can link to google drive images like that. I think a lot of people use github to host their images. I would look into that.

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I can’t see the images either. I have to highlight the text to see it… you can add background colors for that to act as fallback when your images don’t work.

I would say that the form takes too much space in the page on desktop.

This is how I see it:


I went ahead and used GitHub. Hopefully it’s fixed now :crossed_fingers:

Doesn’t work for me. The image links don’t work. Maybe because your repository isn’t public, I don’t know how github works with images and links…

I personally use imgur or some other image upload websites.

Okay now it’s fixed! Thanks for pointing out this mess lol. I tried imgur in the past but eventually imgur blocks the request for the image to show. I made the github repository public so hopefully the images will keep showing.

I also shrunk it down a little on bigger screens. Thanks for pointing that out!

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