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Hello Friends :wave:

I completed Survey Page Project. I would add additional things but I want to move on now :slight_smile:

Link: Awesome Survey Form

Any feedback is welcome. :v:

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Looks clean on Desktop and mobile down to iPhone 6/7/8, but needs a couple of fixes for iPhone 5se. Designwise, the input fields, and the form body in general, are probably too wide on Desktop, and a bit too narrow on mobile.

Good effort, overall.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Overall this is very nicely done. The only thing I will point out is that you have kind of gone against standard convention of putting radio buttons/check boxes to the left of their text labels. Also, the check boxes are underneath the label text. I can maybe forgive the first one but you definitely need to move the checkboxes back up to the same line as their label text.

Speaking of labels, nice job getting them all working properly. So many people forget that every input needs one.

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Thanks for your feedback.

I totally forget this actually :).
I fixed it now.

Is it cool now? :joy:

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