Survey form-feedback needed

hello guy’s!
i just completed my survey form project
you can viewed it live here:
any feedback or advice needed

I like the design and layout. Simple design and layouts are the best.

It has some very small issues.

First check the very first checkbox button, it has no label tag associated, fix it.

I personally prefer radio button at the left, and text(label) at the right. but this is my opinion, you may ignore.

Also remove that circle list style shape before checkbox and radio buttons. I’m not sure if using list is good for this, you may just using div tag.

combobox has a disabled option, but it’s not selected by default, fix it.

I think elements are so tight and near to each other. Add some space between them. They are so small too, make them bigger.

Checking this survey form challenge walkthrough article also could be helpful about more tips and more details about the issues your page have.

Overall I liked the work, looks cool!

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

hello @NULL_dev i just fixed check again please

Good progress, very good.

Now work on layout. bring some space between elements. make elements a little bigger. use em to change font-size not pixel.

For first section, I suggest you use grid to make it table like layout.

I suggest locate the submit button center, and make it more bigger and sharper.

Overall it’s very good, great work.

i fixed it again check please :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cool comrade, Much better now! Very good.

If you ask me, I highly suggest you start coding back-end using a good lang such as Swift soon you get some good programming experience by JS.

I believe you the guy could be great on back-end, more than UI/UX stuffs.

Fact: you do the UI/UX much better than experienced back-end devs. So being a back-end doesn’t mean you are not a good developer, actually you are the one could do the real job using back-end.

Keep going on great work my comrade, happy programming.

thank’s @NULL_dev