Survey Form Help! Stuck at 12/17

I’ve watched a lot of tutorials and looked through the forums to see how to complete the survey forum project, but I’m stuck at 12/17. It’s not the prettiest but at the moment I’m just looking to master HTML and CSS first as I’m only just a teenager but I would appreciate some help and feedback, please.

My Survey:

Hello Jay,

At a glance, the biggest issue I noticed is that you are wrapping each of your input elements inside a form element of their own. Instead, there should be just one form element, encompassing all the options, as well as the submit button at the very end.

Also, inside the element brackets, the attributes must be written as such

id="unique-id" class="shared-class"

What I noticed is that sometimes you use spaces as such:

id = "unique-id"

or at times missed the double quotation marks

id = unique-id

Finally, keep in mind that ids are supposed to be unique, which means that no two elements can share the same id. If you want to employ a shared style for a set of elements, then you must make use of a class, instead of an id.

Thank you so much!I’ll edit it right away. The most annoying thing was the error about there being no id. Much appreciated onurbal101

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I corrected the errors with the ids but when I decided to remove all “form” elements apart from the “survey-form” form my score was reduced to 9/17. Could you elaborate on the mistakes further, please?

Keep all the form elements (text box,radio buttons,textarea,select box etc) inside a single form tag(<form></form>) with id “survey-form”.

Thanks for your advice PVN, but could you please assist me with saving the other errors because most of the errors say the ids are not in the form element

You need to remove all other <form></form> tags.Then all the inputs will be inside the form with id=“survey-form”.
To give ids to individual inputs put it inside <input>(For eg: id="submit" must be given inside <input>)
Also you have given placeholder of textarea inside another input.

Thank you. The main problem was the div tags which inhibited the main form tag.

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