Survey-Form Project 12/2020

Hello everyone :grinning:

I have completed the fcc survey-form project and i hope i can receive some comment to improve my further work. Thank you so much!

Project here :

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I sent my comment but your submit button hasn’t ‘href’ value.
my comment was "it’s great, absolutely stunning.
check your code. did you really finished it?

The submit button didn’t work because it just a survey form demo. Also , thank you for your comment :sunglasses:

@StanleyChan I have some suggestions.

  • Add some padding to the left and right of the input fields to move the placeholder text inward away from the edge.
  • Add a special font to improve the look of the page.
  • Set textarea to font-family: inherit;
  • Increase the width of the content in mobile view to maximize the space
  • Decreate the “submit” button font size.

These are just my opinions. Overall the your page looks good.

Thank you for your comment !!! :grinning: :+1: