Survey Form Project - *::after, *::before & box-sizing: (align problem!)

EDIT: After inspecting the code from the example, i’ve found this thing in almost every element:

*, *::before, *::after { box-sizing: border-box; }

Copied that line to the top of my css sheet and suddenly all align and sizes problems are almost fixed; what kind of magic is this? have no idea of what this piece of code means or does! Can someone pls explain a bit or share any related link to read?

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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by default the sizing is content box. This means that margin, border and padding are not included when you specify the width. Alot of people switch it box-sizing border-box because it means you dont have to calculate the the real width. The width is the real width.

alot of people start with the following settings:

  • {




It means that the width you say the box should be, is its true size. The star means apply to all children.

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Thanks, also read this article.

The *, after and before selectores were also a surprise for me, this is the first time i’ve saw such a thing.

Will try to keep coding and learning,