Survey form project...I need feedbacks from you all

Survey form project, pls I need reviews and feedbacks from you all…Here’s the link below!!!

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Hi @larrycode1

I am working on too. It looks ok, in my opinion I see some issues though:

  • Background shouldnt distract us for the principal purpose of the page, wich is the survey form in this case.
  • Page title and title description are not enough readeable, they need more contrast with the background.
  • Related form controls should be closer, visually grouped, with some white space of course, but less than between different sections.
  • I think input boxes and others should be bigger.
  • I would not use upper case because that way is not easy to read.
  • Finally, the SUBMIT button should be the element with more visibility in the page, highest contrast with the background I mean.

I hope that helps and I had explain well.
Happy coding and well done!!! :ok_hand: :clap: :clap:

@carlosvisator Thank you so much for your review but i think if i change the background the page title should be readable because i already used some font family and also increased the font size…Once again thank you and happy coding

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