Survey form validation error help

I can’t seem to pass the 9th requirement ‘If I enter numbers outside the range of the number input, I will see an HTML5 validation error.’
I have no idea how to even do this - I’ve set my input type as “number”, but not sure what else to do!


the error says Minimum number should be defined

have you defined it?

nope! What is the min? 0?

that is something you need to decide yourself.

also, type number is not for a phone number, that is type="tel"

read this if you need more info:

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Ok so I just added min and max number and that’s worked - thank you! Although excuse my ignorance but I can’t understand why I’d need to define the min and max numbers for a phone number – how can any numbers fall outside the range? (Or are they just making sure we can do that for other tasks where we would need to actually define a range?)