Tabs on browser(s)

Anyone here feels that opening tabs on the browser multiple times is not just resource heavy but a pain. I have a proposal.

Does anyone want to provide some feedback?

Ctrl+t is very quick and depending on the content very cheap in terms of RAM. (Chrome sucks up all your ram if you use 1 tab for multiple sites, or with multiple tabs with only a few sites each)

Not sure what proposal your going to give, so not sure how people can give feedback at this time.

How about a miniature browser (quick browse) from the task bar that would have a field to type in some sort of search. The field then will pop either above the task bar, or anywhere on the screen. This pop-up will be re-sizable. It will also have minimal use of system’s resources.

I find that having so many tabs on the browser so distracting and concern when taxing the system. Of course depending on the specs of the computer/laptop/tablet one might have.

I don’t see how the proposed solution deals with the problem of too many tabs. It just sounds like a search widget, nothing to do with tabs.

Here are a couple of Chrome extensions you might be interested in:

There are many other tab-management options available for Chrome and other browsers, if you search for them.

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